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Goodby Mumble, hello Discord!

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:38 pm
by Extreme_One
So Mumble was a worthy successor to Teamspeak and it served us well. But, it needed someone to host a server. OK, we always had someone but ... perhaps it's time to move to a service that can provide a lot more and not require a server.

Introducing the Evil Twin Discord channel.

MK and I will explain things when you're around ...

However if you click ^ that link ^ you'll be directed to the channel via a Browser and you can chat and speak in-browser.

You will need to install the program on your PC in order to do more advanced stuff, such as push-to-talk etc, and it will explain things for you if you want to get on board before we're around to coach you. :twisted:

You can also install a Discord app on your phone too if you want to get messages when you're not on the PC. :? :o :shock: :twisted: :lol: