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GameSave Manager

Postby Extreme_One » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:31 pm

I found this over at the Watchdogs Forum.

Seeing as lots of people have had issues with Watchdogs losing save game I decided to install it to protect my game.

This application takes a back-up of your specified games save and configuration files in easy to locate archives, on a pre-programmed schedule of your choice (every 30 minutes or every day etc. etc.)

It has a regularly updated game library, which currently already includes Watch_Dogs. It automatically detects the locations of the game's save folder and configuration folders, and backs them up into an archive which you can restore in case your current save file goes corrupt, and minimizes the gameplay loss.

How-To (Watchdogs example)

  • Download the latest Version of GameSave-Manager
  • Launch it and click on - Scheduled Task.
  • Click on - Add
  • Enter a Task Title of your choice (eg. Watch Dogs Automated Backup)
  • On the next screen, select - Only Backup the Following (and Rescan System before starting Task)
  • Select Watch_Dogs from the list (and make sure all the sub folders under WatchDogs are selected)
  • Now select the time basis on which the game saves will be backed up.
    Do note that the lower the time period between the backups, the more disc space it will consume. You can manually delete most of the older backups once the newer ones are created.
  • On the next screen, choose the location where the backup files have to be placed in.
  • Click on Finish. You are now done.

The program is not required to run actively for the backup to work.

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